3 Steps to Catching Bass on a Ned Rig

Catching bass is the objective for any bass angler and finding new ways to achieve that is fun. The Ned Rig is one of the latest techniques to put bass in the boat but even many seasoned professional anglers are behind the curve. I know this because I am a B.A.S.S. Elite Series angler and know that many of my competitors are not using it. So, here is how you use a Ned Rig properly.

The Ned Rig is used most proficiently with spinning tackle. Because of the way you fish it (more on that next), spinning gear allows for longer casts and better line management during the retrieve. I like a 7-foot to 7-foot, 3-inch, medium-action Cashion spinning rod. Anything shorter will leave you at a leverage disadvantage. A quality spinning reel in the 2500 or 3000 size range is best. I like the Daiwa Tatula LT 3000. Line is very important. Running a 10- to 15-pound braid main line to a 8- to 10-pound fluorocarbon leader is the way to go.

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