4Reel Fishing: Pre-spawn bass fishin’ can be a blast!

The pre-spawn period is starting on our local lakes. Water temperature is the deciding factor. Generally speaking, pre-spawn begins when water temperature is between 53 and 63 degrees for large mouth bass. Right now the water is running in the mid 50‘s. But, bass may begin to invade shallow water even sooner in many cases, so it would be wise to start fishing early rather than later and risk missing some fun action.

During the pre-spawn, bass are actively moving between deep and shallow water to feed, often several times a day. The best places to fish often feature structure that runs from deep water to shallow water. Look for areas that have rocky points, or where there is a tree that has fallen into the water, anything that is different. You’ll find them. The sunny side of our lake is the best place to start fishing especially during the morning hours. The bait fish will often seek out water that is just a bit warmer. Find the bait fish, you have found the bass. Bass can winter as deep as 50 feet, and come to shallows less than 5 feet deep during the pre-spawn.

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