5 Lures I Choose for Bass Fishing New Water

My nephew sent me a message this week and asked, “Uncle J, what lures should I use for bass fishing. I really don’t know where to start.” Surprisingly we get asked that same question a lot regardless of fishing experience. Whether it’s anglers coming to the lakes we live on and fish or just bumping into other fishermen in public, they all want to know what we throw on a given body of water or what our favorite lure is to fish for bass.

I travel and fish all over the country, and now that I ponder my nephew’s question, it seems that no matter where I go, I tend to reach for the same handful of lures to probe new water with confidence. In fact I recently had to pack for a trip and now that I think back on what I packed for that trip, all 5 of these lures were in there. Sure I will throw the whole tackle box at them at times. And still at other times, I have one bait that I’m going to pick up and throw all day because experience on a certain body of water at that time of year has showed me it works.

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