8 Discontinued Bass Fishing Lures We Wish Were Still Made

As avid bass anglers, we’re also big-time lure collectors. While we see all of the newest bass fishing tackle each year, we still rely on some of our older, time-tested options at times. These bass fishing lures still produce a lot of fish for us but we’ll be honest – we’re getting a little scared of breaking them off because they’re all discontinued. We only have a few and if it were up to us, we’d still be able to find these big-bass producers on the shelves.

The Strike KIng Wake Shad was only discontinued a year ago, but we already miss being able to get them. We have a handful and guard them around other anglers. The Wake Shad is a tremendous search bait. It’s great over burned over submerged grass and it’s a heck of a bait around smallmouth and spotted bass on clear water lakes. Rumor has it the mold they had for it broke and was extremely costly to repair so it was discontinued.

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