9 Kicker Blade Bass Fishing Spinnerbaits for 2020

Here’s a trend in bass fishing spinnerbaits for 2020 you might want to check out this spring with so much flooded, muddy water to fish. The kicker blade or “Okie blade” as some called it years ago when guys starting getting double Colorado bladed spinnerbaits with an orange front blade to fish in muddy waters of Oklahoma. That trend has been continued by many tournament bass anglers and professional anglers over the years and it finally caught enough attention in the last couple of years that now it seems like nearly everyone is offering some spin on a kicker-bladed spinnerbait.

A kicker blade is really nothing more than accent color added, usually to the front blade, for some extra pop and hopefully increasing the likelihood that a bass will see something he likes as he closes in on the thump of the spinnerbait in dirty water. Orange is a hot color for spring crankbaits so it makes sense that an orange blade on a spinnerbait would work wonders in the rising flushing waters that come with spring rains.

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