A new fishing gadget with Idaho roots hits the mark — and tracks your catches

The cellphone chime echoed off the walls of the Snake River Canyon as I unhooked and released another feisty smallmouth bass. The noise originated from my ANGLR Bullseye, a new fishing gadget I had clipped to my backpack. “I like this thing already,” I hollered at my fishing partner as I launched my crankbait back into the current. “You’re going to be hearing that ding in your sleep!”

The Bullseye is a nifty device that pairs with a free smartphone app and allows anglers to instantly record data during a fishing trip. You simply start a new trip once you arrive at your fishing hole and click the quarter-sized Bullseye once every time you catch a fish, or twice to mark a waypoint on the map. At the end of the trip, the app will show you how many fish you caught (including a timestamp and location), how far you traveled and how long you fished. It also logs weather and water conditions, and anglers can input additional data like which species were caught and what tackle they were using.

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