Advanced Neko Rigging Secrets for Better Bass Fishing

FLW Tour pro Shin Fukae tells me the correct pronunciation of Neko rig requires a short “e” sound like “gecko,” rather than a long “e”, as in “week.” Given that Fukae hails from Japan, where the rig originated, I’m following his lead here; as well as his tips on rigging this straight-up bass fishing catcher for better hook-ups!

In simplest terms, a Neko rig is a wacky rig with a nail weight in the nose, which makes the rig fall head-first, rather than descending somewhat evenly. For efficiency, Fukae uses a G-Seven tungsten weight (imported from Japan) that looks more like a screw with exaggerated threads. “Sometimes, when you skip a Neko rig under a dock and it hits a piling, a (standard) nail weight can come out of your bait,” he said. “But this weight grips the plastic so it stays in place.”

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