Adventures Afield: Fall bass fishing better than you might think

At the close of every summer, water levels drop, rain becomes scarce, and leaves begin to wilt on the trees. October arrives, and brings with it rain, and the flaming foliage that signals the beginning of fall beckons outdoorsmen and women to the woods for the remaining months of the year. With winter imminent, it’s easy to walk the expiring woods assuming that bass fishing, for the year, has pretty much come to an end—slowed to a lethargic, background rate. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Take a trip back to the month of February—cold, windswept, and dreary—and try to remember your state of mind. The out-of-doors might be described as “miserable” often. It seems as if someday will never come, and the ice that seals the local bass waters may just decide to stick around for eternity—or longer—preventing any sort of fishing, ever.

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