Adventures Afield: A guide to fishing new water

It’s now officially summer, and the fishing is good. And so is the traveling. Thus, it’s likely that you’ll get the chance to fish a new piece of water this season, whether as a short side trip one morning during the family vacation, or as a long-time-coming fishing trip to a destination fishery halfway across the country. Regardless of the context, fishing new water can present new challenges not faced fishing your local haunts.


Umm, obviously? But take it from me—there are details you haven’t thought about. Distances to boat ramps, launch ramp closing/opening times, to-the-minute water conditions that might impact what you’ve read about the fishery in general—all of these things are best done at home before you are at your destination, not in the car or hotel room, eating up precious water time. Once you think you’ve got every detail nailed down, read and plan some more.

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