Alabama bass fishing reels in No. 1 ranking

There was no doubt in John Davis’ mind where he was going to college. The Birmingham native grew up loving The University of Alabama and knew he wanted to take classes at The Capstone. It was the only school he applied to.
However, the beautiful campus and its one-of-a-kind atmosphere weren’t what attracted Davis to Tuscaloosa – it was the University’s bass fishing club.


“I probably would’ve gone to a different school if they didn’t have a bass fishing team here,” Davis said, “but I knew they did and I was pretty set on going to Alabama from early on in high school.” Long before Davis spent the majority of his days on Lay Lake and Lake Martin casting off the bow of his Phoenix 920, the Alabama fishing team president grew up catching bass on his grandfather’s dock on Lake Mitchell, a 5,850-acre body of water that sits just 45 minutes south of Birmingham.

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