Angler Catches 13-Pound Bass to End 2019 and Another 13-Pounder to Start 2020

Catching a largemouth bass weighing in the teens is a once in a lifetime achievement for most anglers, but Dominic Lozano went ahead and did it twice in 2 weeks on two different lakes in Texas to end 2019 with his personal best of 13.85 pounds. He followed that feat with another catch on New Year’s Day of a 13.29-pounder. But the story leading up to these two catches is just as good.

Lozano spends most of his fishing time throwing big swimbaits looking for the biggest bass in a lake. He spent years fishing tournaments in California and Texas and even guided for a while in Mexico on Lake El Salto. But now when he has a chance to go, he fishes strictly for big ones.

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