Anglers on the Gulf Coast take advantage of Alabama Free Fishing Day

This week is National Fishing and Boating Week (June 2-10) and today is Free Fishing Day. Anglers and Non-Anglers alike were out in public waters taking advantage of the day and they said the waters were generous. Despite the drizzling rain, the fishermen we spoke with told us the weather and the chance to fish free, coupled together was the perfect recipe for the day.

The fish were jumpin’, birds flyin’, and the tide was high in some areas around the gulf coast today, making for a pretty good fishing day. Whether licensed or unlicensed, fishermen and women were reeling in the day over public waters around the area. Willie Jones and his fiancee Eva were on their second stop of the day at the pier at Arlington Park. They’re avid fishers and they seem to know what they’re doing but they weren’t getting so lucky.

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