Baab: Winter fishing differs from spring

To consistently catch bass during the cold weather months, you’ve got to think like the fish. Since they are cold-blooded, they’ll slow down when water temperatures drop into the 40s. So you’ve got to slow down, too, particularly in your presentation of artificial lures because sometimes the fish get so lethargic they may look at a lure, but they won’t bite it.

A plastic frog may be just the thing for bass in late spring (after the amphibians stop hibernating) or during the summer months. But no self-respecting frog is hopping about when it’s cold outside and bass know that, so don’t waste your time. I have often told of my experiences on a frigid day on the lake several years ago when I marked a school of hybrids in a deep cove off Little River, Ga. I dropped a jigging spoon into their midst 35 feet down, watching the lure’s track on my depthfinder and the fish disperse from the spoon’s vicinity. They had cold water blahs and were not interested.

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