Bass Fishing Boats: Old Ones Create Great Memories, Too

I was talking with Terry the other evening and he started telling me about his most recent boat rebuild. He’s one of those dudes who can fix just about anything and he loves tinkering, so I’ve enjoyed following his progress. I also brought up my first bass boat – a maroon and gold 1987 Ranger 374-V. After some searching, I finally found an old photo of it and memories immediately began flooding my brain. Looking at that picture kind of made me miss it and its accompanying headaches in a weird way.

That old boat was as possessed as the day is long. Now, I’m certainly not commenting on the quality of a Ranger bass boat; they make a darn good bass boat. But this thing was left outside for over 10 years under an old oak tree, completely uncovered. Heck, I didn’t know any better at the time. I had finally saved up the money to buy it for $5,000 and I pulled the trigger and did it. It cranked, it floated and that’s really all that mattered to me.

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