Bass fishing continues at an ardent pace on Clear Lake

Bass fishing continues at a torrid pace on Clear Lake. A good example were the results of a local angler Mike Rothstein of Lakeport. He fished the lake on Tuesday with Jim Craig of Upper Lake and they caught and released 42 bass. He also fished the lake on Wednesday and caught 28 bass. Rothstein said that he caught most of his fish on plastic frogs and other topwater lures. On Wednesday he had more than 100 blow ups.

Overall, most of the fishermen are having little trouble catching from 10 to even 30 bass per day. The bass have been holding under the weed mats which are now everywhere. Some of the better areas have been the shoreline at Nice and Lucerne, the State Park, Henderson Point, the Clearlake Oaks shoreline, the Rocky Point area in the north end of the lake and the shoreline at the Lakeside County Park. The action has been good throughout the day.

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