Bass Fishing Opener: Mille Lacs Lake buzzing with bass anglers

The southern bays of Mille Lacs Lake were brimming with bass anglers Saturday morning as the bass season opened, allowing anglers to catch and keep bass. Trucks and boat trailers were squeezed into all parking spots including non-parking spots across the southern half of the lake. It was clear that news had gotten out that bass fishing on the lake this spring has been unreal. And the walleyes weren’t slowing down either, according to area resort owners.

With a good bite, a warm morning and Memorial Day weekend all mixed together, it made for a picture-perfect start to the summer tourism season. Helping to welcome in the opener on the lake were Governor Mark Dayton, pro bass fisherman Seth Feider and Ron Schara, host of the TV series Minnesota Bound. The three launched together in Feider’s boat from the Isle public water access, next door to McQuoids Inn, which is where the governor stayed the night on Friday.

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