Bass Pro Shops wants to buy up Cabela’s, deal has hit a snag

While driving up from Williamsburg, Virginia last week, my wife and I took a little side trip off Interstate 95 into Hanover, Maryland. There’s a Bass Pro Shop there that I had not previously reconnoitered. I tried to resist, but with the wind blowing in from the east I was able detect a faint odor of fishing gear in the air and I gave into the temptation.

Bass Pro Shops are nice, but not my favorite destination. We had to drive five miles off the interstate to make that stop, but I’d do 10 times that distance if there was a Cabela’s in the target area. The great thing about the hunting and fishing superstores is that you don’t have to buy anything to make the trip worthwhile. It’s much like visiting a museum or a zoo, or another other cultural destination. I would even be so bold as to compare it to visiting a cathedral.

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