Bassmaster pro offers tips for fishing with kids

With 26 Top 10 finishes and more than $600,000 in prize winnings, Bassmaster Elite Series pro and Team Toyota angler Brandon Lester, of Fayetteville, Tennessee, has proven himself to be one of America’s most accomplished young professional bass anglers. Lester is also a dedicated father and offered advice to parents taking their children fishing for the first time.

Many families overlook the fact that adults who are handling a rod and reel are required to have a fishing license — even if fishing is simply a brief part of your family camping trip or picnic. “Don’t be intimidated by buying a license,” said Lester. “Most states offer a one-day or three-day license versus a full year to save new anglers money. And you can nearly always get a license over the phone with a fast Google search for the state fishing license sales center and phone number for wherever you plan to fish.”

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