Behind the Scenes: A Real Look at Designing a Bass Fishing Lure

Much of the mystique is gone in fishing. Sure, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the watery realm which lies beneath. But with all the advancements in technology we enjoy today, we can dang near peer into the soul of a fish from 50 feet away and quickly determine if, when, and how it can be caught. Once we make our determination, we also have the best tools ever to finish the job.

All of the tech and new gear is great, but I think it’s easier to get burnt out on fishing now than ever before. Some anglers just don’t want to adapt, others feel completely priced out of the competition by not being able to afford the latest and greatest; though guys like John Cox have proven you can still catch them with the proverbial cane pole in comparison to the insane money other anglers are spending.

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