Big, really big, Cook County largemouth bass: Fish of the Week

Take the 24-inch, 7.8-pound largemouth he landed Sunday while ice fishing in southwester Cook County. “We were packing up, avoiding the bum’s rush to leave at sunset and, as I went to collect my rod set up on a HT rod holder ice tip up, I noticed the line was disconnected and the flag wasn’t tripped,’’ Green messaged. “As I started to retrieve it, I realized I might need some assistance and yelled for Gerardo [Perez].’’

Perez helped Green wrestle it up on the ice. “Thought it was a big cat, then it was dancing on ice,’’ Green messaged. “It nearly didn’t fit through an 8-inch ice hole.’’ What was dancing on the ice was one of the great largemouth bass, ice fishing or open water, from a Forest Preserves of Cook County lake.

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