Bigger tog arriving right on schedule: Shep on Fishing

Some decent fishing is creating a jolly old time for a few fishers as Christmas and winter arrive. Mike O’Neill is the captain of the Stray Cat charter/open boat out of Seaview Harbor. He stayed home this year, unlike in 2015, when he spent the winter working the Florida Keys. He said recently that big tautog often start showing up off South Jersey in numbers during Christmas week. Sounds as if he was right on schedule.

He said Friday he and his customers caught a lot of tog the last couple of days. Mike said the weather looks as if it is going to be fantastic all week long, and he said the water temps where he is fishing are into the mid-40s. He has been running 7½ miles off to Ocean City Reef and has picked off some fat 8- to 9-pound tog. He has put his tog fans on several “piles” of tog.

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