Bob McNally’s Outdoors Outlook: Largemouth bass still strong

The coastal area mullet run is peaking, with mullet of all sizes pouring out of rivers and sounds, and big marine predators are swarming and feeding in bait schools. Capt. Kirk Waltz reports big numbers of tarpon, redfish, jack crevalle and sharks are gorging on bait at the mouth of the St. Johns River.

Many tarpon are in the 20-to 40-pound range, which are a premier light-tackle gamefish and readily hit a wide variety of lures and baits imitating mullet. Capt. Jimmy Johnson of Amelia Island Bait & Tackle also is touting red hot tarpon and red drum fishing. Tarpon are available at the mouth of the St. Marys River, along the beaches of Amelia Island, and at the south end of the island in Nassau Sound. Bull redfish are abundant around mullet schools in the lower inlets and sounds near drop-offs and rock jetties, says Johnson.

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