Break Down Offshore Grass for Better Bass Fishing

Good anglers know that the strongest mindset pits you against the fish. But there’s no denying the impacts of fellow anglers, and finding less pressured fish can be the key to catching bass. FLW Tour pro Alex Davis is all about minimizing the impact of pressure on fishing by finding grass offshore that most others won’t spend the time to dissect.

“It’s probably largely overlooked because you can’t see them; and, because the grass beds can be so big, nine times out of 10, people don’t want to spend the time to fish them to find them,” Davis said. “It’s almost a lost art anymore — going fishing. “If someone can’t ride over a grass bed and see the fish on sidescan, they don’t want to waste time fishing for them. But that’s something I love to do, and I feel like I’m good at because I’m stubborn.”

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