Catch More Bass in Lily Pads with Frog Baits

All topwater strikes are special, and yet few eruptions compare with that of a Goliath largemouth inhaling a -hollow-body frog in the lily pads. Not only does frogging over pads give you a great shot at a topwater trophy, but this vegetation also tends to hold large numbers of fish. Fishing this heavy cover effectively, however, requires proper gear and an understanding of how to bring a frog to life. Here’s what you need to know to raise a giant.

150428-fish 03.jpg

Leave the medium-action spinning outfit with the 8-pound line in the rod locker. Getting a toad out of the pads requires a lot more winching power. Opt for a heavy-action baitcasting rod measuring 7 or 8 feet. It needs to be able to handle 1⁄2- to 11⁄2-ounce lures and heavy line. Match your stick with a quality reel that has plenty of line capacity. A Shimano Compre 7-foot 2-inch heavy-fast rod with an Abu Garcia Revo SX-HS low-profile is my go-to outfit for frogging. Spool with 50- or 65-pound braid to wrangle fish from the thick vege-tation. While there are countless frog options on the market, those with rubber-tassel legs are my favorites, as they maintain action at any speed.

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