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How and where do you catch big bass in Oklahoma? We asked the experts.

March madness will be happening any day now on Oklahoma lakes. March is big bass month in the state. Fifteen largemouth bass on the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation’s top 20 list were caught in the month of March. After the coldest Oklahoma weather in a century, the state’s lakes have thawed and the water is warming, which means the bass fishing will be heating up soon. “It doesn’t matter what that water temperature is, […]

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The 2 Most Important Considerations in Cold Front Bass Fishing

Cliff Pace says the key to catching fish in the cold front is to slow down and look for areas that will hold the most heat. One tactic that fits this bill perfectly is flippin’. Bass suck tight to heavy cover for comfort and warmth during these cold conditions and it’s easy to see why. Fish are cold-blooded creatures and are directly affected by the environment around them so as the temp drops, their desire […]

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How to Build a Plug Knocker for Bass Fishing

I hate losing a $10 crankbait. I really hate losing a $10 crankbait that I finally just got to run right. I especially hate losing that crankbait and a $5 plug knocker because unfortunately, plug knockers don’t always get the job done and at times become collateral damage themselves. Backing up a bit since I started with somewhat of a rant, I realize some of you might not know what a plug knocker is or […]

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4Reel Fishing: Pre-spawn bass fishin’ can be a blast!

The pre-spawn period is starting on our local lakes. Water temperature is the deciding factor. Generally speaking, pre-spawn begins when water temperature is between 53 and 63 degrees for large mouth bass. Right now the water is running in the mid 50‘s. But, bass may begin to invade shallow water even sooner in many cases, so it would be wise to start fishing early rather than later and risk missing some fun action. During the […]

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WV fisheries officials fear spread of invasive Alabama bass

So … what’s so bad about a fast-growing, aggressive strain of bass that’s easy to catch? Sounds like an angler’s dream, doesn’t it? In several nearby states, that dream has become a nightmare, one that might someday haunt anglers in West Virginia. The nightmare’s name? Alabama bass. It’s a species of black bass native to the Mobile Bay watershed in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia. Before modern genetic testing proved differently in 2010, Alabama bass were […]

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Lake Lanier Fishing Report: Bass fishing slow but yielding quality fish

Lake Lanier’s current level is 1,069.98 feet, or 1.02 feet below the normal level 1,071 feet. Water temperatures have averaged around 49 degrees. The main lake water is clear. The creeks and rivers are slightly stained. There may be some muddy areas where rain inflow occurs, but the water clarity is decent everywhere. The lower Chattahoochee River is clear to slightly stained. Check generation schedules before heading out to the river by calling 770-945-1466. Bass […]

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