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Bass fishing gets its chance in spotlight

Though the opening date has changed for some anglers in the Commonwealth because of the institution of the early opener for 18 eastern and southeastern counties, the first day of trout season is annually a much-celebrated and highly-anticipated event for which most people who fish generally mark their calendars. It’s not the same for the first day of bass season, which this year came in on Saturday, June 13, on the state’s lakes and rivers. […]

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4Reel Fishing: Hot weather Bass fishing tips

During the summer months when our local lakes water temperature rises up in the upper 70’s to lower 80’s degrees bass’ metabolism is really amped up. But, when the water temperature gets outside their optimal range they and be fickle to catch. Here are a few tips that might help you hook more bass during the Dog Days of Summer. In my opinion, by far the best time to fish during the hot summer months […]

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The Evening Campfire: Bass fishing – spring into summer

Bass Season officially opens June 13th this year, or two weeks from today. But bass fishermen generally don’t wait until mid-June to participate. That’s because they practice catch and release, and the June opener applies to fishermen who keep and eat the fish they catch. The best bass fisherman I know, my nephew Marty Heben, never keeps a fish, except for the few seconds it takes to snap a photo, so he is free to […]

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Wando student receives bass fishing scholarship to Erskine College

Daniel Wilson said his friends at Wando High School thought he was joking when he explained his college choice. Wilson will attend Erskine College next fall on an athletic scholarship as a member of the school’s coed bass fishing team. Erskine, a small, private college in Due West, added the team to its athletic program a year ago, and unlike schools such as South Carolina and Clemson, where bass fishing is considered a club sport, […]

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How to Follow Bass from Spawn to Post Spawn

In bass fishing, it’s often been said catching fish isn’t the hard part. Finding them is. Are fish post-spawn or prespawn? Do you need to be fishing shallow, in-between, or spending your time offshore? These are questions bass anglers face constantly and the answers to them drastically affect the lures or presentations you should employ. While there is no comprehensive solution to finding bass in a fishery on a given day, you can cut down […]

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Bass tournaments canceled amid pandemic restrictions

West Virginia sportsmen have been fortunate during the ongoing pandemic. Restrictions on outdoor activity here haven’t been nearly as strict as some other states. Early on, the Division of Natural Resources stopped posting the location of daily stocking of trout and most facilities within parks and the state and national forests were closed, but for those willing to walk, those areas remained open. Boat launch location have also remained open. Other states have closed those […]

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