Clearwater County – Dworshak regularly listed in top 100 for bass fishing

Salmon and steelhead are well-heralded fishing headliners for North Central Idaho. But another game fish, bass is as well a great sport draw for fishermen to the region. One of the top recreation locations in the nation for best bass fishing is Dworshak Reservoir, located near Ahsahka, on the North Fork of the Clearwater River. Bass club and other outdoor recreation groups frequently choose Dworshak for group events and tournaments, according to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ park rangers at the dam.

Dworshak reservoir extends 53 miles upstream of Dworshak Dam, with dozens of secluded inlets, streams, rocky points, stumps and long bars creating ideal bass fishing conditions. Dworshak Dam is a large straight-axis concrete gravity dam 717 feet high and 3,287 feet long. Its construction created various marinas, boat launches and camping facilities on the reservoir.

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