COLUMN: Taking time to help another generation learn joy of fly fishing

The week of the July Fourth holiday saw a lot of anglers on the rivers and lakes around Cody. Temperatures were especially pleasant for a day on the water. Family and friends consumed my time this past holiday and weekend, and fishing was a big part of our recreational pursuits when not attending a parade or rodeo.

My granddaughter is finally at the age to begin her fly fishing education. When she was younger, she and I would spin fish together on local lakes where she could catch a fish on practically every cast with me being her net man and fishing coach. She wasn’t into putting a worm or bait on a hook, so we used spinners and she learned pretty quickly how the fish liked each lure to be presented. That was at Beck Lake or New Cody reservoirs, both perfect for keeping a youngster occupied without her becoming bored when the bite would slow down.

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