Coulson: When fishing, expect adventure and bumps in the road

Boats are wonderful things to own — when everything is working as it should. Unfortunately, like all toys, they have a habit of failing at those times when you most want to use them. Case in point is our recent trip to Phoenix to spend time with our snowbird friends. Thus, I’m writing this piece.

Before leaving I had the boat checked out, to make sure it was running properly. We then hitched it up for the trip south. I don’t know what it is about trailered rigs that seem to draw out the worst of my fellow drivers, but the trip from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs was miserable. We narrowly avoided being involved in an accident at least three times, primarily due to folks cutting in front of us, as in a car length at best, and then hitting the brakes. Trailered rigs don’t stop on a dime, and attempting to do so made life interesting. Actually, it was bad enough that I was thinking that we needed to call Ghost Busters as it felt like every demon, imp, sprite or otherwise possessed driver was on the road with us.

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