Customers rank Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s among the very best for customer experience

Customers rank Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s among the very best in America for in-store customer experience according a new national customer survey. As part of the 2018 Retail Reputation Report, artificial intelligence, machine learning and sentiment analysis to text from 4.7 million online consumer reviews posted on Google and Facebook. The reviews detailed in-store shopping experiences at nearly 30,000 locations owned by 88 retail chains.

Bass Pro Shops ranked among the highest in overall customer experience alongside The Disney Store and Costco, outranking other respected retail brands including Neiman Marcus, IKEA, L.L. Bean, Ace Hardware, and many others. Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s also lead the sporting goods category outright. “We strive to offer our customers genuinely friendly service, quality products and exceptional value every day in a shopping environment unlike any other,” said destination retail pioneer and Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris. “We are honored to receive this distinction from our customers, which is a reflection of our remarkable team members and their efforts every day.”

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