Denis Peirce: Good winter fishing conditions

We are nearing the end of January when we typically see the lowest water temperatures of the year. Lake water temps are a couple of degrees warmer than I would have guessed six months ago. Lake Oroville is 50 degrees on the surface, I recall the upper 40s this season in years past. The other thing that has not developed is muddy water. Although we have had rain, it has not come down heavily enough to put a lot of silt into the foothill reservoirs.

Tournament bass angler Ed Everhart fished an event on Lake Shasta two weeks ago. The surface temps were 50 to 52 degrees over the course of the day rather than the high 40’s typical for mid January. What was notable about the temps was the incoming creeks around the lake. The smaller tributaries were in the high 40s chilling down the backs of the coves and pushing the fish out toward the points. Ed did not catch any bass in the rear half of coves with a creek flowing in. Water clarity was very good.

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