Dick Martin: Now is the prime time to catch largemouth bass

Largemouth bass will bite during any month, even through the ice as I’ve discovered many times. But there are just two seasons when they’re really hungry, in the spring when they’re feeding up for spawning and in the fall when they’re building fat for a near dormant winter.  Which means right now is a prime time to catch some.

But autumn largemouths are a little different from spring and summer ones.  For example, they’re looking for larger meals which makes an eight inch plastic worm a good choice for probing shoreline brush and downed trees.  I like them in black or dark brown now to imitate leeches and small water snakes. They do follow normal behavior otherwise, which means they lay up for the day in deep water and move shallow to feed.  They’re ambush fish, so favorite spots now are among downed timber or in weed beds where they can lie deep in green foliage and watch corridors and holes for passing prey.

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