Did Dennis catch the state record Largemouth Bass?

Last Friday evening, I was fishing in my favorite shallow water lake in Medford, New Jersey. Since the water is only five or six feet at its deepest in most of the lake, the bass are generally smaller. The biggest I’ve caught in that lake is a little more than five pounds. Not bad for a suburban lake surrounded by houses.

I’ve heard stories of bigger fish in the lake but dismissed them as nothing more than fishermen’s tales. We’re all guilty once in a while. So this evening was no different than all the others I’ve fished there. It was about a half hour before sunset. Perfect time for big bass to bite, hanging near the shoreline. After I threw my lure, I let it sit on the bottom for a few seconds. When I went to retrieve it I thought I was caught on a log on the bottom. Then the log moved. Then it jumped out of the water.

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