Don’t be deterred by narrow fishing window

For the past several years experts have been preaching the gospel of quality sleep to improve our health, efficacy, and mental well-being. As the wear and tear from fishing and hunting seasons continue to mount up, I smell what they’re cooking, I really do, though too often I delude myself into believing I’m aging like Benjamin Button soaked in a fine single batch barrel of whiskey. Apple cider vinegar and pickles is more accurate.

My newfound adherence to a more restful lifestyle may help explain why I clicked off the tube after seven innings of Game 2 of the World Series. How the heck was I supposed to know that the Astros would tie it up in the 9th, and then go on to earn their first Series win in franchise history in spectacular, extra- innings fashion no less!? Subsequently, I missed what was arguably one of the greatest games in recent baseball history, all in pursuit of restful bliss. And I really don’t like baseball all that much.

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