Don’t miss out on snagging largemouth bass

With winter seemingly whipped again, bass fans are enjoying the uptick in fishing action. Late winter and early spring produce many of the largest largemouths of the year, and reports of lunker fish are, indeed coming in frequently these days.

largemouth bass

I know a lot of guys who have caught a lot of big bass. I don’t know many who have caught more than Rick Hefner. Last Wednesday, the Orange Springs guide added to his impossibly huge total of double-digit fish when he spent the day on Lake Santa Fe. Fishing alone, the grizzled and outspoken bass man fished wild shiners — setting up drifts in various depths to locate his quarry. Before long, he determined that water 8-feet deep was the answer when a feeding spree broke out. In just a short period of time, Hefner hauled in and released quite an amazing bunch of bass … 17 by his count. The largest of the fish weighed 10 ½, 10, 9 and 8 pounds.

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