Enjoying offseason time with less fishing

Living in California, there really isn’t an offseason for us who love to fish. Unlike other parts of the country, an angler can fish for one species of fish all year long. For a lot of tournament fishermen, this time of year is the offseason. Most major tournament organizations start their seasons around the first couple weeks of January and end in May or June.

Most anglers continue to fish once their tournament season comes to an end, but fish less than when the season is in full swing. That’s been the case for me these past few years. When I was younger it was 24/7 fishing. It got so bad that I no longer enjoyed fishing. I was so serious about winning that even on my practice day, I found myself stressing out. Those days usually started before the sun came up and lasted until it was too dark to fish. That’s no longer the case for me.

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