Why to Fish Rip Rap for Bass in Flood Conditions

Flooded waters can be tough fishing, especially as it is happening. But fishing rip rap and steeper banks for bass during a flood can be one way to remain consistent in very turbid and rapidly changing conditions. I’ve had a lot of messages this week about what the rising water is going to do to the fishing on Kentucky Lake. Ten or more feet of water always affects fishing.

It got me thinking, however, about how flood conditions, especially on the rise, are some of the more daunting scenarios to overcome in bass fishing. And a lot of anglers panic wondering where the fishing will still be consistent with so much additional water. Rip rap is one easy fall back on rapidly rising water especially in the prespawn as well as steeper, taller banks like bluff walls. When the water is rising rapidly, the flatter banks have water move farther back onto them. The water gets back into the trees, and it tends to spread the bass out and put them in places where you can’t even get a lure to affectively.

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