Fish will ‘happily chow down’ all night long

Fall is a great time for fishing and Mike Crowell offers more tips on finding the fish. “For crappie, the best fall tactic is to skip standard tube jigs and work small stick baits and rattle baits,” said Crowell, co-owner of Rose’s Bait & Tackle in West Burlington. Stick baits are usually long and slender and emulate a bait fish.

“Crappie are aggressive now,” Crowell said. “For catfish, it never hurts to be aggressive when going after fall catfish,” Crowell said. “Try hopping a big, live shiner on a jig head on a bobber around the rocks. For bluegill, it’s tough to beat a slip bobber and a night crawler combo, but if you want to target monsters replace the worms with a fathead minnow.”

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