Fishing at Henrys Lake opens with a bang

“This was the best day of fishing I have ever had,” a very happy Alton Hansen said as he showed the fish his party of four caught Saturday morning, the opening on Henrys Lake. “We got a 13.86 pounder, a 10.5, a 9.5, a 9.0, a 7.5, a 7.0, a 6.0 and this little four pounder for our limits and caught about four or five others.”

“I am ecstatic at how happy most fishermen are,” Jenn Vincent, the Idaho Fish and Game manager of Henrys Lake, said. “I have interviewed about a dozen people at the (Henrys Lake) state park and did not find any that were unhappy. I am just happy that the fishermen are happy and they are catching fish from the shore at the state park.” Hansen’s group fished just off the Cliffs with bait and others trolling just out in the deeper water were also catching fish. There were also people catching fish just off the north shore from Wild Rose Resort down to the Hatchery.

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