Fishing has been better in some places throughout the region

The several times I have been out fishing, I have seen more fishermen than fish, and that is a good thing. I like seeing strong participation in the field sports. Some of the anglers have been doing better than my fishing buddies and I have. Our catch of the week was a mudpuppy pulled from the Ohio River below the Montgomery Dam. Maybe I need to venture off the river.

Trout are being caught at Bradys Run Lake on a variety of live baits. Remember, the lake is “catch and release” for trout until the Mentored Youth Day and the first day of the general season. Reports of dead trout along the shoreline are numerous, including the sighting of five dead golden rainbows over 18 inches long. If you are using bait and the fish swallows your hook, cut your line as close to the mouth as possible and release the fish immediately. It is mind-boggling that some people won’t give up a 20-cent hook for the life of a fish.

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