Fishing Child Reels In a Purse Stolen 25 Years Ago

According to ABC News, Brodie Brooks was fishing on July 3 in Lake Hartwell, near the Georgia border, when he dredged up the rotting purse. Inside, Brooks and a relative found credit cards, lipstick, pictures and other items that identified the owner as one April Bolt, who told ABC News it was stolen during a family cookout in 1992.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was lost for words,” Bolt, 49, told the network. “You never think you’d see it again. I knew somebody must’ve just gotten the cash out and threw it in the lake.” The purse had seemingly spent the intervening years zipped up, meaning that the baby pictures, lipstick, and other items from Bolt’s past were reasonably well-preserved, for having been in a lake.

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