Fishing Column: Catfish are Jumping! Here’s how to catch one.

It’s no secret Idaho is a great place to fish. Blue-ribbon trout streams and quality bass fisheries are plentiful. We have Chinook salmon, steelhead and jumbo perch. We’re even home to the world-record tiger muskie! But in the Snake River, another quarry swims beneath the radar. A big, whiskered predator with enough muscle to test any tackle. Meet Idaho’s most underrated fish species — the channel catfish.

A friend who works for Fish & Game once told me if the Snake River ran through the South, it would be a world-class catfish destination. With a shorter growing season, Idaho cats don’t often reach the size of their southern counterparts, but his point remains — the Snake is absolutely loaded with cats, although many anglers either don’t realize it or don’t care to target them.

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