Fishing for Success adopts waste not, want not approach in programming for women

On a commercial level, seafood by-products remaining after processing have a number of uses. They can be turned into fishmeal, fish oil, fertilizer or livestock feed, or be used in medicinal applications. Seafood caught by recreational fish harvesters, however, generally isn’t used in the same way and results in a significant amount of wastage.

“Right now, with the type of processing method that’s used for codfish, mostly what’s removed is the fillet and the tongue. You still have the nape, cod sound, belly, cheeks, the skeleton which has meat still stuck to it, and the skin,” explains Kimberly Orren, co-founder and project manager of Island Rooms of Petty Harbour Fishing for Success. “Those are the parts of the fish that are components of the almost 65 per cent waste of fish once the fillet and the tongue are removed.”

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