Fishing line: Trout plants continue at Lake Amador

Folsom Lake is at 421 feet, down 3 feet from last week. Full pool is 466 feet. The water temperature is 54 degrees. Trout fishing has improved near the dam, where anglers are trolling spoons behind flashers 20 to 40 feet down. A few bass are being caught.

The water is clearer on the San Joaquin side of the Delta, and largemouth bass are oriented towards slightly moving water with green vegetation. A slow presentation with the ima Flit in shad patterns or the Rock N’Vibe Suspend as the bass are feeding on shad. Bait fishing is tops for striped bass with frozen shad or mudsuckers, but a few linesides have been taken on topwater lures in the flats. Crappie are located around the marina docks with small minnows or mini-jigs. Fresh shad is no longer available in area bait shops, but most shops have a large supply of frozen shad.

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