FISHING REPORT: Delta fishing great for largemouth bass

Going through my garage, I can tell that it’s time for another garage sale. As fast as I clear an area, it seems to fill up with something else. It’s gotten to the point now that when I purchase something new, I can’t find a place to store it. I’ve purchased a few plastic tubs, but even those are beginning to stack up.

Fishing for largemouth bass on the Delta is great — the Senko bite is excellent. Many fish have spawned already but there are still more to come. Large schools of shad are found roaming the shallows turning on the early-morning crankbait and buzz bait bite. Top-water frogs are also working well first thing in the morning. Dock fishing for crappie and bluegill has started to pick up as the fish have moved shallow. Crappie jigs and Wax Worms are working well for anglers.

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