Fishing report for Easter weekend

Mosquito Lagoon: Trout fishing is getting better in the Mosquito Lagoon and the waters were clearing up prior to the easterly winds starting up again mid-week. As winds calm the next few days, expect to find ample sight-fishing opportunities. Keep in mind, fish are getting a lot of pressure during the spring, so expect them to be spooky and boat-shy. Avoid using outboards in shallow water, and when possible, pole instead of using a trolling motor, or paddle for best stealth. Black drum will take cut crabs or shrimp. Big reds will take cut ladyfish. Topwater plugs are fun for trout at first light.

Offshore: The spring run of mahi mahi is expected any day now along the edges and back eddies of the Gulf Stream. It’s also that time of year the yellowfin tuna may be running the other side of the stream, so advanced bluewater anglers have that to look forward to. Closer to land, cobia and kingfish have been a regular catch, and it seems as if the blacktip and spinner sharks are migrating north again as well. By the way, off Sebastian, it seems as if grouper season will open with good action. Just one month to go.

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