Fishing for a stronger economy

Fishing built America’s coastal economies. When fish stocks were abundant villages grew into cities and regions thrived on the commercial catch. But after WWII, factory ships overfished our seas, and when the resources disappeared most of our waterfronts and commercial fleets went bankrupt. Today, those old ports have gentrified into new ‘coastal communities’ of cndos, million-dollar homes and marinas full of recreational boats.

Today, America’s commercial fishermen serve a global market for animal feed and table fare. Most are owner-operator small businesses, fishing the same oceans as their grandfathers. Only now they share those waters with millions of new leisure-seekers — indeed, thanks to the ready availability of seaworthy boats and gear recreational anglers enjoy open access to coastal waters. And with GPS and precision electronics, even an amateur angler can find fish like the saltiest commercial captain. Lack of access to fisheries is not the issue some may claim.

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