Fishing the Midwest: Electronics can lead to more ice angling success

Most open-water anglers who fish from a boat wouldn’t think of going out without a sonar unit, also known as a depth-finder. That same thought is true with most ice anglers. A depth-finder will help you catch more fish, and they are also much more than just a depth-finder. Here’s how.


In the minds of many of the most successful ice anglers, revealing the depth isn’t a depth-finder’s most important function. Rather, revealing fish is its primary function. A properly tuned depth-finder tuned properly will show the tiniest of jigs. They will certainly show if a fish is below your hole in the ice. Many ice anglers will drill a number of holes in an area and then move from hole to hole searching for fish. They drop down the transducer into the hole, drop down their bait and watch for a fish to approach it.

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