Fishing where the fish are

Almost a century ago the Mafia, gangsters and bank robbers ran wild around our country. Some of the most infamous names in criminal history were alive during that time. We remember men like Al Capone, Lucky Luciano and John Dillinger because of the brutal way they ran their organization.  Some, like George “Baby Face” Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd we remember because of their odd nicknames. We remember others for what they said.

Willie Sutton is in the latter category. Unless a person is blessed with an incredible memory or happens to be a mafia aficionado, Willie Sutton may not be familiar. He was a bank robber from around 1920 to 1950. He was in and out of jail numerous times. He was paroled and died at home at 79 years old. I was interested to find out a couple of things about him. In his entire criminal career, he never killed one person and when he was paroled, he did security consulting for banks and even did a credit card commercial attesting to their security.

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