Freshwater: All fishing is good now, but bass are the best

Around Lakeland, at Tenoroc, bass fishing was best on lakes Derby, Fish Hook, Lost Lake East and West, Pine, C, G, 10 and 5. Most of the bass caught were 13 to 17 inches. This past weekend, there were 35 large bass over 19 inches reported, including seven fish over 22 inches. The largest measured 27 inches. Speck fishing was best on lakes Horseshoe, Legs, 4, 5 and F. The best lakes for panfish were lakes Cemetery, Picnic, 3, 4 and 5.

The catfish bite was best on lakes Coronet, Derby, Half Moon and 5, reports FWC biologist Paolo Pecora. At Saddle Creek, the bass bite is good on chatterbaits along the banks. Specks are biting deep in water around 10 to 12 feet. Some bluegill are biting on red worms. Around town, Lake Parker is producing bass along the shore on Rat-L-Traps and flipping creature baits in the cattails and pads. Lake Crago is good for bass deep on dark color 10-inch worms. The speck bite is best at lakes Bonny, Crago, Hancock, Hollingsworth and Parker, reports Evan Wieber at Phillips Bait and Tackle (863-666-2248).

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