Frog Fishing for Shallow Clear Water Bass

I was reminded recently how good a frog can be for clear water bass fishing when they are spooky and up super shallow in the heat of summer on lakes where most anglers aren’t even thinking about fishing shallow anymore because of water clarity. I’ve seen it on Kentucky Lake, Smith Lake, Table Rock Lake, Beaver Lake, Dale Hollow and more lakes across the country. You’re going down a bank breezing along throwing a topwater or maybe a wacky-rigged Senko, and all the sudden, a 4-pounder swims out from what seems like nothing at first. A little shady spot in what seems like inches of water was holding a 4-pounder on a 95-degree day in the summer. You fish around to the next pocket and it happens again. That’s not a coincidence. That’s a fishing pattern.

This used to be an infuriating occurrence, especially when the summer doldrums makes for slow, tough bass fishing. You don’t get many bites, then you see a nice bass swim off before you can even make a cast. A frog is a dynamite choice in these circumstances. Especially if you’re talking about some key ingredients like shade, bluegills, cover, ambush cubbies and more. Hopefully this will help other anglers struggling to catch fish in these shallow clear water situations.

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